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If your home's electrical system needs some attention and you're looking for an electrician in Freemont, CA, JMC Electrical Services is the name to rely on. We're here to offer you the type of quality service you expect and deserve at reasonable prices.

Our Freemont electricians are long-time industry professionals whose expertise is in both residential and commercial electrical service work. Our electrical company equips them with all the equipment and advanced diagnostic tools they need.

We're dedicated to your complete satisfaction and are ready to assist you with the repairs or other services you need!

Electrical Repairs

If you're looking for professional, quality electrical repairs in Freemont, our team of electricians is at your service. There's no electrical issue that we can't troubleshoot and repair, and we never take short cuts with our work. You can depend on the electrical repairs we provide to be accurate and up to the latest building code standards, every time.

Give us a call to tell us what's going on with the electrical system in your home or commercial building. We offer both residential and commercial electrical repair in Freemont, and are highly skilled in both.

Lighting Solutions

Good lighting in your Freemont home not only helps you to see better when you're working around the house, like cooking or repairing your car in the garage, it also adds an aesthetic element to your home as well.

Lighting options are unlimited, and you'll have many different fixtures to choose from. You can have additional recessed lighting installed or replace the existing lights with energy-efficient LEDs.

Whether you need some flood lighting for great nighttime exterior lighting or you want some soft colored LED lights for under cabinet lighting, our experts can install it for you.

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