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Electrical Panel Upgrades In San Jose

Panel upgrades

If you're located in San Jose or in any of the surrounding communities within the Silicon Valley, please feel free to call with questions about panel upgrades. Our San Jose electricians provide expert panel upgrades for local home and business owners.

Our electricians have been industry professionals for many years, and our electrical company has been serving the area since 1989. We're here to provide you with the professional, honest, and dependable service you need at a reasonable price.

We'd Be Happy To Inspect Your Electrical Panel For A Possible Upgrade

Panel upgrades involve replacing your main breaker box with a new model to ensure your electrical system is operating safely and up to the latest code standards. For businesses, the panel upgrade is required but homeowners are left on their own to know when it's needed.

Our technicians would be more than happy to answer your questions about panel upgrades and help you determine whether one is necessary for your home. We can easily inspect your current panel and discuss any issues you may be having which indicate an upgrade may be necessary.

When You May Need Electrical Panel Upgrades

  • About every 10 to 20 years you own your home depending on your household's need for power
  • When you're demanding more power from the electrical system than it's designed to handle
  • When you need a new circuit of wiring for additional lighting or outlets
  • When purchasing or selling a home
  • When upgrading the electrical service to an older home
  • A subpanel installation for heavy appliances like generators and hot tubs
  • When you're remodeling, building a home addition, or installing new major appliances
  • Your electrical panel has fuses instead of breakers
  • There are signs of faulty wiring

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If you're looking for electrical panel upgrades in San Jose, please call 408-971-7786 or complete our online request form.