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Home Electrical Tips Reasons You Should Have Security Lights On Your Property

5 Reasons You Should Have Security Lights On Your Property

Security lighting

Security lighting is a need for every home. We know that many streets, the outside of businesses, and some neighborhood complexes have outdoor lighting, but aside from the fact that outdoor lighting helps us see clearer, why else are they beneficial?

Outdoor lighting, also referred to as security lighting, is a multi-functional investment that can add value to your lifestyle in several ways. Below are some of the most common reasons why you should consider adding security lights around your residence. If you are interested in installing security lighting, contact the expert electricians at JMC Electrical Services today!

Top 5 Reasons To Install Security Lighting

  • Safety- One reason to install security lights around your home is to ensure safety for yourself and your loved ones. Porches, backyards, driveways, and steps can all be the culprit of accidents if it's too dark to see them - especially in inclement weather conditions or if your paved areas are uneven.
  • Aesthetics - Protective lighting is also useful when used for entertaining outdoors. Security lighting is a great setting during parties not only because it keeps the area well lit for outdoor functions, but security lighting with ambient tones creates a mood that is inviting for your family and friends.
  • Security- Burglaries are a common concern of all homeowners and installing security lighting is a great way to improve the security of your home. Bright lights around your residence that shine into hard to see corners of your property make it difficult for someone to break into your home. They are more likely to be seen by cameras, neighbors, and people passing by. A great way to enhance your security lights is to have them installed as motion sensor lights because it catches would-be burglars off guard. Some are available to detect a range of motion from up to 70 feet away.
  • Value- Security lighting can boost your property value and increase the worth of your home. Many homebuyers view outdoor lighting as a great bonus to a house because they won't have to worry about installing them on their own. Also, security lighting can lower home insurance rates because the risk of break-in or accidents is reduced.
  • Savings- LED security lights have a long lifespan so replacing bulbs won't be an issue you'd be concerned with. You'll also save money on your energy bill because LED lights have a lower voltage than other types of lightbulbs.

While it is true that security lights assist with safety and helping you see better at night, they serve many other purposes. Choosing to install security lights on your property can have an immediate positive impact on your lifestyle. Give the team at JMC Electrical Services a call today to find out more about installing security lighting around your home in Mountain View.

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