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Back-Up Generators In San Jose

Backup generators

Do you need to find an electrical contractor who installs and services commercial back-up generators in the San Jose area? JMC Electrical Services can offer your business a highly skilled and licensed electrician who would be happy to assist you.

Our licensed electrician can help you determine your critical power needs and then provide you with a turnkey solution. We understand all the complexities involved in back-up generator installations including coordinating with your staff, securing the permits, and the logistics.

We offer expert commercial back-up generator installations and have been working in the valley since 1989. We're fully licensed, bonded & insured, and offer a warranty on parts and labor. Please contact us for more details.

Safe, Reliable Generator Installations

When a power outage occurs in the San Jose area, you want to be sure your commercial back-up generator can support your business's need for power. With a generator, you should never have to worry about shutting your daily operations down because of a lack of power.

Commercial generators are available for all types of businesses, from the industrial sized behemoths to the small standby generators. Whether you need a monster commercial back-up generator or a smaller unit for a small business, call our expert electricians in San Jose for a competitive estimate.

When choosing from among all the available generators, the focus will be on:

  • The amount of power you will need
  • The generator's size
  • Whether you want an automatic or manual transfer switch
  • The permits involved
  • What the installation will entail
  • Whether it's a diesel, gasoline, natural gas generator, dual fuel, or tri-fuel
  • The brand of generator
  • The warranty coverage
  • And the cost

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If you're looking for back-up generators in the San Jose area, please call 408-971-7786 or complete our online request form.