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Landscape Lighting Ideas For Mountain View Homes

Landscape lighting ideas

Is your Mountain View home so dark and gloomy at night that you know it's time for some landscape lighting? With all the landscape lighting options available, you'll not hurt for ideas. The key is to find those which add both beauty and functionality to your outdoor areas.

Many homeowners need to install landscape lighting. Unfortunately, most homes are built with just enough lights to get by. There's little to no outdoor lighting to speak of except for the porch lights. If you need additional outdoor lighting too and are ready to install some landscape lights for your Mountain View home, here's a few landscape lighting ideas from our pros at JMC Electrical Services.

Dusk-to-Dawn Lights For Larger Areas of the Landscape

Dusk-to-Dawn lights work automatically to illuminate your home at night. If you're concerned about your landscape lights being on all night because they could raise your power bill, ask your Mountain View electrician to install LED dusk-to-dawn lights. They're every bit as powerful as halogen or incandescent but you won't have to worry about them being on all night.

Recessed Lighting for Patios and Porches

To complement the lights at your front and back entryways, recessed lighting can a great idea if you have a covered patio in the back and a covered front porch area. An electrician may recommend installing several if you have a large porch or they may be placed in other areas like around the deck or along the sides of entry steps.

Low Voltage Pathway Lighting

Low voltage pathway lighting keeps your property safe after dark. It also adds to the ambiance of your Mountain View landscape. It's best to have your pathway lights hardwired by an electrician rather than going with solar lights, especially if there are shaded areas in your yard. This way, you can be sure they'll turn on every night.

Mood-Setting LED Lights for Outdoor Kitchens & Swimming Pool Areas

There's nothing better to set mood than color! Soft, colored lights are a great addition to any landscape, especially the LED lights that can change colors. You can pick your favorite color for the patio and use a different one for the pool area, or just let the LED lights automatically change from one color to the next during a backyard party.

Up-Lighting for Landscape Beds and Architectural Features of Your House

Up-lighting is a beautiful and functional solution to highlight the architectural features of your house or to highlight groupings of trees in the landscape beds. They're part of a landscape lighting scheme that adds additional illumination in the dark areas of the yard and along the house.

Pole Lantern Lights for Your Guest Parking at the Curb

Your guests and pizza delivery person would enjoy a little light at the curb, so why not install a pole light in the area? Pole lights can be short and are available in a wide range of styles including a vast selection of lantern lights. Pole lights add to the ambiance of any landscape after dark.

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