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Signs You May Need An Electrical Panel Upgrade For Your San Jose Home

Electrical panel upgrade san jose

The electrical safety code inspections for electrical panel upgrades only apply to existing commercial buildings, not existing homes. Since the electrical panels in homes aren't inspected as they are in businesses, it's important for a San Jose homeowner to understand that panel upgrades need to be done as the years go by.

To raise homeowner awareness about panel upgrades, JMC Electrical Services wants to offer the following tips to help San Jose homeowners recognize the signs that they may need a panel upgrade.

These Signs May Mean You Need A Panel Upgrade

  • Your appliances won't run at full power when operating simultaneously.
  • You hear crackling or popping noises from the panel.
  • The breakers inside your electrical panel keep tripping.
  • You smell smoke or burning smells coming from outlets, lights, or the panel.
  • You don't have GFCI outlets.
  • Your electrical panel is producing heat or feels warm on the inside area.
  • Your home is only set up for 100-amp electrical service.
  • You keep having to use extension cords for things you need to power.
  • There are fuses instead of circuit breakers inside your electrical panel
  • It's been 20 to 30 years since your last panel upgrade

How Often To Get Panel Upgrades

The general recommendation for replacing the electrical panel with a newer model is about every 20 to 30 years. However, family dynamics change, the electrical system itself can change, the previous owner may have never had one done, tenants may have altered the electrical system, and unqualified people may have handled repairs. This can all affect the need to upgrade.

Therefore, we recommend to hire an electrician about every 10 years to inspect your panel for safety. In San Jose, you can contact our electricians at JMC Electrical Services.

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